Lee Company

The fast-growing building services and construction firm has reduced the amount of time IT spends on setting up accounts for new hires from days to minutes, improving employee productivity and the new hire experience.

Business Goals

The Franklin ,Tenn. Lee Company has thrived as demand for its building maintenance and construction services drove double-digit revenue growth during the past five years. To keep pace, the company expanded its workforce over the past three years from 800 to 1,200 employees, mostly field personnel.

But that growth outstripped the company’s employee onboarding process. It needed to eliminate slow manual processes and deliver a faster, easier onboarding experience for new hires and Lee Company managers.

Integration Challenges

At Lee Company, rapid growth and hiring up to 70 individuals per month introduced the need for automated data synchronization. Yet creating new hire accounts:

  • Relied on manual IT processes where even a simple misspelling caused serious complications
  • Required time-consuming fixes
  • Hurt the employee experience
  • Degraded data entry across forms

How Boomi Helped

Before Boomi, Lee Company used PowerShell scripting between Workday and Microsoft Active Directory. But this wasn’t the answer long term. So, the company deployed Boomi’s Integration Accelerator for Workday and Active Directory. With the Boomi integration package, Lee Company:

  • Connected applications and synchronized data using Boomi Integrate and Master Data Hub
  • Reduced time, cost and complexity while improving the onboarding experience
  • Performed the work of a full-time employee, 24/7

The organization now uses Boomi to address a host of integration issues.


The new speed and ease of hiring employees made possible by Boomi’s Integration Accelerator for Workday and Active Directory delivers huge cost savings and efficiencies to Lee Company.

While setting the stage for long-term employee satisfaction and retention, Boomi allows Lee Company to:

  • Reduce onboarding time from days to just five minutes
  • Suppiort remote onboarding to avoid costs and logistical burden of in-person visits to headquarters
  • Shorten integration development project times
  • Expand Boomi use to address multiple additional integration needs across organization

Boomi’s accelerator immediately slashed days from Lee Company’s onboarding process. An account is ready five minutes after new hire approval.

quote When we saw the demo for Boomi’s Integration Accelerator for Workday and Active Directory, it was like a light went on. We said, ‘Wow, this is exactly what we’ve been looking for. This is amazing!' quote
Chris Reaves, IT Manager, Lee Company